Smart & Easy
Inventory Planning
for E-commerce Brands

Eliminate stockouts and excess inventory with customisable forecasts and recommended purchase orders.

Powering next-gen brands

Grow revenue, release working capital, save time.

Our Shopify partners have seen up to


Stockout reduction


Overstock decrease


Planning time save

Improve visibility with reliable sales forecasts

  • Predict sales up to 12 months ahead to make the right buying decisions
  • Customise forecasts with your business plan: new product launch, email or influencer marketing, and more
  • Make informed inventory decisions

  • Get dynamic purchase order recommendations
  • Optimise product pricing and marketing activities
  • Replace Excel with real-time sales monitoring

  • Prediko integrates with your sales and marketing tools, and automatically update your inventory levels
  • Review product analytics and performance reports
  • How it works

    A simple SaaS that onboards you in minutes

    1 - Quick sign-up

    Our self-service platform provides easy access to inventory analytics and forecasts through our Plug & Play system

    2 - Customise your business planning

    Add future events eg. email marketing, pop ups, new product launches, etc.

    3 - Centralise operations

    Create purchase orders, implement intelligent pricing recommendations, monitor inventory.


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