Out-of-stocks: areas of impacts and solutions you can adopt

Out-of-stocks: areas of impacts and solutions you can adopt

Out-of-stocks are more costly than losing a sale 💵

It should come as no surprise to anyone that out-of-stocks are a critical problem for every retailer. In-stock performance is both top of mind for most retailers and agnostic to trade channel or class. It's logical to link out of stocks to potential lost sales and margin loss. Yet, retailers frequently overcorrect by holding higher inventory or spending hard fought gross dollars on expediting movements of goods.

We highlight problems related to out of stocks, the solutions retailers should adopt, and how Prediko can help you improve in-stock performance.

Let's start with 4 ways out-of-stocks impact retail margins:


So, what should retailers to mitigate stock outs? 🤷

We've compiled a list of some solutions retail brands should adopt:


How can Prediko help, you ask? 🎯

Prediko is an easy to use and cost effective inventory optimisation platform... eliminating stock outs for e-commerce brands.

Our intuitive plug & play software provides inventory forecasting, analytics, and recommendations within minutes.

Our product was co-developed by our engineering team and the founders & demand planners of the next generation of direct-to-consumer brands. Scenario planning, demand forecasting, automated generation of purchase orders, and more. You name it. We've got you covered!

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