Nicolas and I developed complex predictive systems for large legacy retailers. These bespoke solutions cost millions of dollars to build and were a nightmare to implement.

Right now, most retailers rely on messy Excel spreadsheets to forecast complex sales & inventory plans — which is both time consuming and prone to error. The result can be the difference between thriving and dying as inventory distortion is leaving $1.1 Trillion dollars on the table every year — that’s equivalent to Australia’s GDP btw!

Prediko is an easy to use and cost effective inventory optimisation platform eliminating stock outs and overstock for e-commerce brands. Our plug & play software integrates with e-commerce sales & marketing tools and accounts for upcoming events to provide inventory forecasting and purchase order recommendations on auto-pilot.

Step by step we will become e-commerce brands’ default supply chain partner to support them through the entire journey of their purchase order - from creation to delivery - and make inventory optimisation a breeze.

Youri Moskovic - CEO at Prediko